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how it works and what you get.

Setup Stages

1. Payment

2. Briefing

3. Technical Preparation

4. Ad

5. Keyword

6. Uploading 
to Ad Account

7. Audience,
and Competitor

8. Launch 
and First Week

Description of the Setup Stages

The goal at this stage is to select the right search queries that potential clients might use
to find you, write ads for each query group, and upload them to the ad account


Make a payment to the
company's account.

We create
a group chat

Work begins

2 Filling Out the Brief

1. We provide 
a link to the brief

2. You fill it out

A brief is a questionnaire; a well-completed brief
is key to a quality setupойки

* We understand you have a busy schedule, but we hope you can spare
a couple of hours for the best results

3 Studying the Target Audience (TA), 
Product, Competitors

We study the completed brief
and ask clarifying questions

We analyze the competitors
you listed in the brief

We review TOP competitors advertising
on Google, analyzing their sites and ads

We study the product information
from the brief and your website

We examine the target audience information in the brief

+ drawing conclusions based on the product, competitors, and our experience.


We contact support

to ensure the product is eligible for advertising
and doesn't violate platform rules

We get access to your ad account

You can provide access using our step-by-step guide, or we can do it from your account, or through remote access to your computer

We analyze the landing page

where the traffic will be directed and provide a technical task
with improvement recommendations (if necessary)

We generate analytics codes for the site

o track results and improve ad performance

You give these codes
to the programmer who created the site

We link the Google Ads account

with the Google Analytics

to ensure data on applications is transmitted
from the counter to the ad account

Selecting Keywords

We select hot keywords
for each product
(you want to advertise)

Keywords are grouped

We choose only the keywords
that have searches
(potential clients search for your product 
using these keywords every month)

We get your approval

Writing Ads

We write ads
for each keyword group

We fill in all available space, trying
to include as many benefits as possible

We use the maximum number
of extensions that are available
and appropriate

We get your approval

7 Uploading 
  to the Ad Account

You get a setup on the search
for the TOP 3 product categories
from your assortment

Segmentation by cities
and business directions

Segmentation into hot
and warm keywords
(depending on their quantity)

8 Launch and First Week
   of Management

Your ads start showing

As a bonus

You get one week of management 

during which we monitor the performance, adjust bids, and ensure everything runs smoothly

Please Note!

TOP 3 

Product Categories

Included in the basic setup
from your assortment



A category is a group of products united
by common characteristics.
For example, a furniture factory
might have 3 categories: wardrobes,
kitchens, sofas.

The cost includes the completion
of the above-listed services.
Anything not included in the cost
will be discussed and billed separately.


based on your wishes and needs

1 Expedited Setup


is discussed and paid for individually   
*subject to team availability

Setup of Additional
  Product Categories



/  per additional category

(one-time fee)

3 Display Network Setup


100€ (one-time fee)

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